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 Zombie Parade in Novosibirsk: vampires in the metro, witches in a fountain  11/11/2013, 12:10

Sergei Mordvinov
contributing photographer
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The Walking Dead
Photography by Andrei Grebnev, Dmitri Pugachov and Ilnar Salhiev

Another Zombie Parade has taken place in Novosibirsk. The «terrible» event, timed to coincide with Halloween, brought together fans of dressing up as various evil spirits for the third time. Sib.fm’s correspondents visited the event and watched as hundreds of zombies marched through the city and descended to where they belong — the underground.

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Despite the torrential rain and the ban on the holiday in nearby Omsk, about 200 people came to participate in the Parade. As is customary, the zombies, vampires and other creatures of darkness started their march from the Royal Park shopping centre, took a ride on the metro from Gagarinskaya station to Lenin Square and ended with an «assault» on the fountain in Pervomaisky Square. In addition to passers-by and the press, the procession attracted the attention of a Russian Orthodox Church representative who, after hearing the organiser’s arguments about the objectives and subtext of the Parade, even wished him good luck in organising future events and asked him «not to descend to Artyom Loskutov’s level».

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