New Bridges for Everyone

 Arch of the third bridge across the River Ob in Novosibirsk joined  04/15/2014, 03:26
New Bridges for Everyone
Photography by Ilnar Salahiev

A ceremony to slide the arch of the third bridge across the River Ob in Novosibirsk into place was held on 11 April in Novosibirsk: builders joined the two halves, weighing a total of 3,600 tonnes, at a height of 70 metres, while the city’s newly-elected mayor, communist Anatoly Lokot, appeared in public for the first time with his predecessor, Acting Governor Vladimir Gorodetsky. Sib.fm’s correspondent attended the ceremony.

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«It’s difficult to overestimate the happiness in our souls and hearts today, associated with this life-changing moment that we have been waiting for and worrying whether it would happen,» Gorodetsky, mayor when construction of the bridge commenced, began his speech. «There was some anxiety about how it would happen, whether we would join the two halves in time and whether it would all work out. But everything came together.»

«I want new bridges for everyone! I hope that newly-elected mayor Anatoly Lokot will also have the pleasure during his mayoral life to build the fourth bridge, which we’re designing now and is ready to be brought into life.»

«Start the joining!» ordered Gorodetsky.

The acting governor gave the floor to Lokot.

«Dear Novosibirsk comrades!» began Lokot. «I want to congratulate you on this remarkable event that we’ve been waiting a very long time for, since the 1980s. Building bridges is a great thing in our lives. I’m lucky that my work [as mayor] is beginning with such a significant event. Congratulations!»

Bugrinsky Bridge is a unique structure in several aspects. The length of the arch’s span — 380 meters — is the largest in Europe; it is 70 metres in height. The arch is a metal construction with stay cables. According to builders, the technique of assembling the arch by sliding it into place is being used for the first time in the world.

156 the number of stay cables in the arch of the Bugrinsky Bridge; the longest is 109 metres long

Construction of the bridge began on 15 February 2010. It is 2.1km long (5.4km in total) and required 24,000 tons of metal and 45,000 cubic meters of concrete. It will link the M-51 «Baikal» and M-52 «Chuiski Trakt» federal highways. The total cost is 14.8 billion roubles ($415m) and the bridge’s capacity will be up to 60,000 vehicles per day.

Within a month of sliding the arch together, builders will connect its two vaults, and in the middle of May engineers will start installing and tightening the cable system. The cables should be stretched into place by the third week in August.

«No one has any doubts that we will complete all the work in time to honourably hand it over for operations in October,» summed up the president of Sibmost Albert Koshkin.

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