90 Days of Summer

 Siberia without snow through the eyes of our readers  09/11/2014, 21:08

Polina Kuznetsova
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90 Days of Summer
Picture by Ruslan Ioanov. Contest winner.

Sib.fm’s readers shared their summer impressions with us by publishing their pictures in our group in VKontakte. The sunsets, waves, rainbows and meadows stuck in the Siberians’ minds the most. They traveled to the Obsk Sea, lake Baikal, Altai, archeological digs in Yenisey, picked berries, flew kites, rode their bikes, got married, picnicked and cooked salmon steaks. A selection of the best shots are here for your review.

Buckwheat in bloom. Picture by Yulia Vasilyeva.

A lemonade party. Picture by Anna Zdorovets.

Fields of grain. Picture by Pavel Serebryanskiy.

What gold worth more than this? Picture by Alyona Miroshnik.

Forest paths of Akademgorodok (Scholars’ Village). Picture by Pavel Serebryanskiy.

Flamp’s picnic. Picture by Artyom Zavsegolov.

A quiet sunset in Berdsk. Picture by Galya Kleine.

Picture by Vista Shabanova.

Picture by Yegor Metzler. Contest winner.

Harmony, sunshine, yoga. Picture by Bella Talovskaya.

A lightning bolt in Novosibirsk. Picture by Artyom Zavsegolov.

August storms. Picture by Pavel Serebryanskiy. Contest winner.

Anthouses behind «Hokkaido» centre. Picture by Ruslan Ioanov.

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